Marketing Your Business on the Cheap

The internet revolution has led to some amazing boons for small businesses, not the least of which is free (or nearly free) opportunities for marketing.  Of course, it helps if you have a website set up for your company, which could cost you a fair amount of dough.  But considering how much you stand to gain, and how much you can save through online advertising, you’ll be surprised how quickly you virtually recoup your costs.  So forget about paying someone to place those irritating paper flyers under windshields (most people just throw them away out of sheer annoyance).  And use your TV advertising budget to improve your product.  Here are a few great ways to get your brand name to every household for a lot less money. Continue reading “Marketing Your Business on the Cheap”

How to Make Your Accountant’s Life Easier

Tax time can be a harrowing thought for any one, but in particular business owners and the self-employed find it worse. This is because they have to sort their taxes themselves. Here are a few ways to make your life easier, save you some money and to make your accountant happy.

Many of you who are self-employed or own a business won’t think to organise your tax information (if you thought about it you’d probably think that you didn’t have time) before giving it to your accountant. If you found this little bit of time your personal gain could be huge.

Perhaps the initial step in this problem would be to get an accountant. There are so many people out there who think that they can manage their taxes by themselves. This might be the case, but if you can’t find the time to sort through your receipts it’s doubtful you’ll have the time to sort out your whole tax return. If you have a business or you are self-employed (in which case you are the business) then surely you should run like a business. Any big or corporate business, even most small businesses, have an accountant because at the end of the day, if the job was that easy we would all have the title ‘Accountant’. Accountants are ultimately there to help you, they want you to get as much money back as you can; they’re doing a job for you, if they don’t do a good job you won’t go back to them so it’s in their own interest to do the job properly.

If you’re not that keen on spending money on an accountant then there are a few small things you can do to help them in their job, to save you money. If you organise things from the beginning of the year it won’t take you any extra time at all. However, if you’re in a mess at the moment it could take you a few hours to initially organise everything. Instead of putting all of your pay slips in a box, organise them by month to make it easy for your accountant. Don’t put all of your receipts into a colossal stack and leave them there, sort through them; separate fuel receipts and personal receipts. You can’t claim tax back on everything so it’s worth separating the things you know you can claim from the things you know you can’t.

It’s easy to sort through your receipts and as soon as you’ve done it once you can carry on with the system. You should sort out all of the receipts you know you can claim a deduction on, after this go through the receipts that have more than one item on, highlight those that you are claiming a deduction on (this makes yours and your accountants life so much easier) this allows you to then add all of them up, so you know exactly where you are financially. If you enter all of this into a spread sheet your accountant can check it but it will be a considerably quicker process than before. You could leave this to your accountant, as they will go through them, after all it is their job, but this takes time and they may need to call you to clarify any misunderstandings; in this business – as with any other – time is money.

This blog post was written for – a leading accountants in tax planning Ireland – by Georgina Goldsmith a small business owner.

Dragons Den for Business

Dragons Den is really good for anyone that has a business idea. It is beneficial to anyone that lacks exposure to reality of how this business works. Marketing starts with exposure. You need more than just exposure as well. What you need is the right exposure to the right audience. That’s where Dragons Den comes in. Here are some reasons why Dragons Den is beneficial for anyone that has a business.

What is Dragons Den?

Dragons Den is a program that allows a business to be judged by a panel of business experts. If you can get your business on the show, then you can get the exposure that you need. You also get these same judges to give their money to make your business a potential reality. Continue reading “Dragons Den for Business”

About This Credit Controller

I worked in credit control, credit management and accountancy for many years and that is what has inspired me to write something that will help others in learning about that type of job and those currently in the profession.

Much has been written on the subject of credit control, and particularly the need to exercise control over the debtors.  For the small business owner this may be easier said than done.  Credit Control help may not be available, or may only be there on a part-time basis, and the credit control function may form only part of an employee’s job description. Then of course there is the level of expertise and knowledge that may be required to ensure settlement of debt is achieved. This may not have formed part of a general accounts clerk’s training. Continue reading “About This Credit Controller”

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At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by and how it is used. Continue reading “Privacy Policy”