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How many times have I heard this?  Well life is about to get worse as companies are going to have a valid excuse and I mean excuse rather than reason.

The Post Office workers are going on strike – I have lived through this in the past, it must be in the post office, I can’t cancel the cheque for six weeks, maybe they lost it in that strike.

Clients don’t seem to realise that it is their responsibility to pay, their responsibility to have the money in my hands by a certain date, and when that does not happen they have broken a contract.  Dam simple.  It is not my responsibility to chase you every day until you get sick of me and pay for goods or services that you have bought.

Since I left credit control as a full time job I now run my own business, and it is just as hard getting paid from customers as it was when it was a full time job.  However now I am also the one chasing up the people that I sold to – so there should never be a reason for someone not paying me.

Today I just finished my monthly calling of outstanding monies, most, in fact all are fine – they just need a reminder.  There is one company however that never pays one time and keep on asking for more than we agree at the beginning of any work.  After this payment this customer is getting the sack.

I work on fairly tight margins and this means the cash must move freely in and out – when someone gets the job done for less than they would pay elsewhere and then takes up my time and head space by making me call him every week – this is not a customer I want to have.

One of the rules I started off having when I started my business that I would work with companies that I wanted to work with – if a company makes me chase them for payment – lying to me week in week out, they then become a company that I don’t want to work with.

I wish I could have made these types of decisions while I was a credit controller, but that is not the way life works.

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